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Blog: Another major bitumen project going ahead for 250,000 bpd
April 8, 2014

Posted by Ron Daems, President

PetroChina is reported to be close to getting approval for another Alberta oil sands project. The Dover oil sands project, a 250,000-barrel-a-day steam-driven bitumen project located in northern Alberta, is 60% owned by PetroChina. This will be PetroChina's second Alberta oil sands project, the other project being the MacKay River project.

The Dover project borders the Dover West project, which includes a massive carbonate-bitumen reservoir containing 3.0 billion barrels of contingent resource (this is classified as recoverable using SAGD).

Here at Strata Oil we're happy to see things moving ahead for Alberta's bitumen producers, even despite the pipeline bottleneck getting bitumen into the United States.

Strata Oil is one of the leading developers of bitumen in the Carbonate Triangle, and has a recoverable resource of 887 million barrels of crude, and a total resource of 3.4 billion barrels. Strata's plan is to produce from it with a proven technology known as cyclic steam. If you're a high-net worth investor, and you haven't already done so, we encourage you to view:

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