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Blog: Osum Continues to Build on its Position in the Saleski Carbonates
July 6, 2011
Osum Oil Sands Corp. a private pure play in-situ oil sands developer, announced today that it has acquired a 100% interest in an additional 78 sections (49,920 acres) of oil sands leases in the Saleski area. The new leases, located within townships 84 through 87, ranges 19 through 23, are largely contiguous to Osum's existing carbonate holdings and solidify Osum's position in the southern part of the Grosmont trend.

This new acquisition brings Osum's total land holdings in the Saleski region to approximately 8 1/2gross townships (173,952 net acres) of land plus an additional 34 sections (21,920 net acres) of oil sands leases in the Cold Lake region.


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