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Blog: Harper's embrace of 'ethical' oil sands reignites 'dirty' arguments
January 7, 2011
Stephen Harper is embracing the notion that Canada's controversial oil sands are an "ethical" source of energy, strengthening his support of the maligned resource and kicking off a new chapter in the debate over what critics call "dirty oil."

The Prime Minister told reporters Friday that his government wants to "explain to the world" that petroleum from Western Canada's oil sands is superior in respects to crude from other countries.

"The oil sands are a very important resource for our country, it's a source of economic growth and jobs across the country, not just in the West, but in Ontario and Quebec, too," Mr. Harper said after an announcement in Welland, Ont.

"It's critical to develop that resource in a way that's responsible and environmental and the reality for the United States, which is the biggest consumer of our petroleum products, is that Canada is a very ethical society and a safe source for the United States in comparison to other sources of energy."


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