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Blog: New video reveals how global oil demand will affect investors in Alberta's carbonate bitumen..
April 22, 2013

Posted by Ron Daems, President

We've just released a new video meant to alert our shareholders to the uncertainty of the world's future oil supply, and what it means for Alberta's carbonate-bitumen production.

Even with the surge in US oil production which we've seen in the past few months, thanks to shale oil deposits, there's no way to quickly satisfy exploding global demand. Considering the new world reality set by the voracious energy demand of China and India, the US must now compete with these players for a diminishing supply.

Many of the world's leading experts agree, high oil prices are here to stay.

This video provides an overview of the supply short fall, and sets forth the options available to consumers and investors --- and what it means for shareholders.

Alberta's carbonate triangle contains hundreds of billions of barrels of recoverable petroleum. Many experts see it as the main source of crude for the US economy in the coming decades. And Strata Oil made its discovery before the rest of the industry.

And now, our 56,000 barrel-per-day project plan is right next door to Royal Dutch Shell --- one of the other leading players in the carbonate oilfields. Should we see the addition of two more pipelines (one in the US & one in Canada) the flow of Canadian Crude to the US will multiply vastly.

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